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  • Into Nogales

    Into Nogales

    Our guide, Frank, met us on the South side of the downtown Nogales Border Patrol checkpoint. We walked across to meet him because he can’t go any further north. We hired him to translate for us and to show us around Nogales. He works with...

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  • Building Trust With Sources

    Building Trust With Sources

    There is no doubt that complexities will arise when you are a journalist from Arizona working on a story dealing with the Latino population. Due mainly to its new immigration law, our state is facing numerous challenges in court, a battle with the federal government,...

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  • Have camera(s), will report

    Have camera(s), will report

    Chicago is approximately 2,000 miles from our News21 newsroom in Phoenix. And I was there, as a backpack-journalism team of one. Having worked for the past semester as a student news producer, never asked to leave the newsroom or conduct an interview, it was time...

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  • ASU News21 in 2010

    ASU News21 in 2010

    Last year, when we chose Latino and Borderlands issues as our focus for ASU News21, we knew we were setting out to tackle a timely and important topic.  We also felt we were uniquely positioned to provide quality coverage. These issues have long been a...

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